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Lints Advisor aims to provide expertised solutions at great rates to small and mid-sized CPA, Accounting and Tax firms. Being a well-reputed financial organization we provide core tax and accounting services with a good staffing of professionals working as per client requirements.

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Your hiring headache is ours!!

Hunting, training, maintaining and retaining a highly qualified, experienced and passionate staff is tough for an accounting firm of today. We are your ultimate accounting stop if you want to see your business reach new skies without overspending.

Professional Firms.

Offshore accounting is one of the most popular business growth services available today. It assists in delegating tax compliance, bookkeeping, determining accounts receivable and payable, payroll management and inventory management. We at Lints Advisor serve accounting firms of all sizes to meet unique offshore client requirements. We assist in hiring knowledgeable and skilful accountants, bookkeepers, year-end account preparations or any other related staff if you require to!

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Benefits of having an offshore accounting partner

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Effortless employment

  • Low investment

  • Great time management

  • High-quality service

  • Timely result delivery

  • Round-the-clock service

  • Great confidentiality

  • Deep focus on core tasks

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