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Outsource Bookkeeping Services

Upcoming and also, well-set accounting and tax practitioners find it difficult to employ and retain qualified, skilled and reliable accountants at the best rates. Outsourcing qualified and fluent accounting is the best solution for all firms. Partnering with Lints Advisor will surely help in cutting down expenses, keeping productivity intact and that too with topnotch quality accounting. We work with businesses of all scales meeting their business needs and requirements.

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Advantages of Bookkeeping with Lints Advisors

Lints Advisor is emerging as the most trustworthy bookkeeping and accounting service provider in India. We provide highly efficient and punctual services to clientele with great passion at top rates. Here are some of the incredible benefits of working with us:

Gripping on the entrusted field.

Discovering and fulfilling accountant requirements.

Expense reduction with profit maximization.

Accounting and bookkeeping offshoring.

Suited to all businesses.

Trustworthy at all times.

Great benefits from Lints advisors

  • Core focus on only accounting and tax related services, no other outsourced service provided other than in the fields of Accounting and finances.
  • Approach to work only with CPA’s, CA’s, Accounting and tax firms.

  • Company founded and led by CA’s with wide experience of Accounting and taxations.

  • Structured and organized culture with a fixed team accountants allocated to a particular clients.

  • Single point of communication with clients and only with the pre-assigned team leads who are CA’s.

  • In-house team of I.T for data security, network security and data integrity.

Other Outsourcing Companies

  • Provides outsourcing of accounting services as supplementary with core focus on service of web development, IT software’s, engineering designs, building models etc.

  • Works for directly for end clients i.e the small businesses, this approach creates competition for the CPA and accounting firms locally.

  • Other outsourcing companies although have CA’s on the payroll but founder and leader of company has no vision of finance and accounting.

  • Pure BPO companies once gaining clients, assigns the task to multiple team of accountants with no transparency on who is working for who.

  • No clarity on point of communication, with lack of transparency of assigned team, communication is done by different person depending on availability.

  • Data security team may not be present at office premises and is usually outsourced.

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